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Looking for SMS Text Short Codes? Look no further! The SMS Text guide has sourced the very best providers of SMS Text Short Codes.

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About SMS Short Codes
A short code is number to which people can send an SMS text. Normally the person sending an SMS text to the number is billed an amount of money to their mobile phone bill, although sms short codes can also be set to free. It's called a short code for no other reason than it's shorter than a regular mobile phone number / cell phone number.

See also: Reverse Billing
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Short Code Services provides access to short codes for a variety of premium rate SMS text client applications. Bespoke and ready-made Shortcode applications are available.

Premium Rate SMS Short Codes
If you want to earn revenue from SMS text messages use a premium rate short code and reverse bill your customers, We have short codes available on all tariffs.

This industry site on Short Codes provides information on short codes.



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